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2022 Volume 73 Issue 6

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Assisting researchers in bibliographic tasks: A new usable, real-time tool for analyzing bibliographies
Antonina Dattolo | Marco Corbatto

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The effects of simulated interruptions on mobile search tasks
Orland Hoeber | Morgan Harvey | Shaheed Ahmed Dewan Sagar | Matthew Pointon

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"Not all my friends are friends": Audience-group-based nudges for managing location privacy
Isha Ghosh | Vivek K. Singh

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Does double-blind peer review reduce bias? Evidence from a top computer science conference
Mengyi Sun | Jainabou Barry Danfa | Misha Teplitskiy

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Discovering emerging topics in textual corpora of galleries, libraries, archives, and museums institutions
Gustavo Candela Romero | Rafael C. Carrasco

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The data paper as a sociolinguistic epistemic object: A content analysis on the rhetorical moves used in data paper abstracts
Kai Li | Chenyue Jiao

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Understanding the effects of message cues on COVID-19 information sharing on Twitter
Han Zheng | Dion Hoe-Lian Goh | Edmund Wei Jian Lee | Chei Sian Lee | Yin-Leng Theng

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The representation of argumentation in scientific papers: A comparative analysis of two research areas
Xiaoguang Wang | Ningyuan Song | Huimin Zhou | Hanghang Cheng

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The quality of health and wellness self-tracking data: A consumer perspective
Yan Zhang | Ciaran B. Trace

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Knowledge architectures: Structures and semantics. Bedford, Denise, Abingdon-on-Thames: Routledge, 2021. 544 pp. (ISBN 9780367219444)
Deborah E. Swain