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2022 Volume 5 Issue 1

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Multi-Objective Investigation of Six Feature Source Types for Multi-Modal Music Classification
Igor Vatolkin | Cory McKay

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Evaluating an Analysis-by-Synthesis Model for Jazz Improvisation
Klaus Frieler | Wolf-Georg Zaddach

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On the Development and Practice of AI Technology for Contemporary Popular Music Production
Emmanuel Deruty | Maarten Grachten | Stefan Lattner | Javier Nistal | Cyran Aouameur

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On Creativity, Music's AI Completeness, and Four Challenges for Artificial Musical Creativity
Martin Rohrmeier

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Editorial for TISMIR Special Collection: AI and Musical Creativity
Bob L. T. Sturm | Alexandra L. Uitdenbogerd | Hendrik Vincent Koops | Anna Huang

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Steerable Music Generation which Satisfies Long-Range Dependency Constraints
Paul M. Bodily | Dan Ventura

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GiantMIDI-Piano: A Large-Scale MIDI Dataset for Classical Piano Music
Qiuqiang Kong | Bochen Li | Jitong Chen | Yuxuan Wang

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Voice Assignment in Vocal Quartets Using Deep Learning Models Based on Pitch Salience
Helena Cuesta | Emilia Gómez

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A Clustering-Based Approach to Automatic Harmonic Analysis: An Exploratory Study of Harmony and Form in Mozart's Piano Sonatas
Jason Yust | Jaeseong Lee | Eugene Pinsky

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Artist Similarity for Everyone: A Graph Neural Network Approach
Filip Korzeniowski | Sergio Oramas | Fabien Gouyon

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Draw and Listen! A Sketch-Based System for Music Inpainting
Christodoulos Benetatos | Zhiyao Duan

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JSD: A Dataset for Structure Analysis in Jazz Music
Stefan Balke | Julian Reck | Christof Weiß | Jakob Abeßer | Meinard Müller

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The IsoVAT Corpus: Parameterization of Musical Features for Affective Composition
Cale Plut | Philippe Pasquier | Jeff Ens | Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube

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Differentiable Short-Term Models for Efficient Online Learning and Prediction in Monophonic Music
Mathias Rose Bjare | Stefan Lattner | Gerhard Widmer

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Community Based Music Information Retrieval: A Case Study of Digitizing Historical Klezmer Manuscripts from Kyiv
Yonatan Malin | Christina Crowder | Clara Byom | Daniel Shanahan