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2022 Volume 13 Issue 6

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Impact of Driving Behavior on Commuter's Comfort During Cab Rides: Towards a New Perspective of Driver Rating
Rohit Verma | Sugandh Pargal | Debasree Das | Tanusree Parbat | Sai Shankar Kambalapalli | Bivas Mitra | Sandip Chakraborty

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Intrinsic Performance Influence-based Participant Contribution Estimation for Horizontal Federated Learning
Lin Zhang | Lixin Fan | Yong Luo | Ling-Yu Duan

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DeepExpress: Heterogeneous and Coupled Sequence Modeling for Express Delivery Prediction
Siyuan Ren | Bin Guo | Longbing Cao | Ke Li | Jiaqi Liu | Zhiwen Yu

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Jointly Optimizing Expressional and Residual Models for 3D Facial Expression Removal
Qian Zheng | Yueming Wang | Zhenfang Hu | Xiaobo Zhang | Zhaohui Wu | Gang Pan

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Two-Level Optimization to Reduce Waiting Time at Locks in Inland Waterway Transportation
Wided Hammedi | Sidi Mohammed Senouci | Philippe Brunet | Metzli Ramirez-Martinez

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CoPhy-PGNN: Learning Physics-guided Neural Networks with Competing Loss Functions for Solving Eigenvalue Problems
Mohannad Elhamod | Jie Bu | Christopher Singh | Matthew Redell | Abantika Ghosh | Viktor Podolskiy | Wei-Cheng Lee | Anuj Karpatne

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MetaDetector: Meta Event Knowledge Transfer for Fake News Detection
Yasan Ding | Bin Guo | Yan Liu | Yunji Liang | Haocheng Shen | Zhiwen Yu

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CAFE and SOUP: Toward Adaptive VDI Workload Prediction
Yao Zhang | Wenping Fan | Qichen Hao | Xinya Wu | Min-Ling Zhang

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A Holistic Approach for Role Inference and Action Anticipation in Human Teams
Junyi Dong | Qingze Huo | Silvia Ferrari

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Steering-by-example for Progressive Visual Analytics
Marius Hogräfer | Marco Angelini | Giuseppe Santucci | Hans-Jörg Schulz

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Representation Learning on Variable Length and Incomplete Wearable-Sensory Time Series
Xian Wu | Chao Huang | Pablo Robles-Granda | Nitesh V. Chawla

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Performance Evaluation of Aggregation-based Group Recommender Systems for Ephemeral Groups
Edgar Eduardo Ceh-Varela | Huiping Cao | Hady W. Lauw

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Cross-Silo Federated Learning for Multi-Tier Networks with Vertical and Horizontal Data Partitioning
Anirban Das | Timothy Castiglia | Shiqiang Wang | Stacy Patterson

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Budget Distributed Support Vector Machine for Non-ID Federated Learning Scenarios
Ángel Navia-Vázquez | Roberto Díaz-Morales | Marcos Fernández Díaz

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Detecting Extreme Traffic Events Via a Context Augmented Graph Autoencoder
Yue Hu | Ao Qu | Dan Work

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Privacy-preserving Collaborative Filtering by Distributed Mediation
Tamir Tassa | Alon Ben Horin

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Modeling Continuous Time Sequences with Intermittent Observations using Marked Temporal Point Processes
Vinayak Gupta | Srikanta Bedathur | Sourangshu Bhattacharya | Abir De

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AggEnhance: Aggregation Enhancement by Class Interior Points in Federated Learning with Non-IID Data
Jinxiang Ou | Yunheng Shen | Feng Wang | Qiao Liu | Xuegong Zhang | Hairong Lv

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Shifting Capsule Networks from the Cloud to the Deep Edge
Miguel Costa | Diogo Costa | Tiago Gomes | Sandro Pinto