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2022 Volume 16 Issue 1

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Factorizing Historical User Actions for Next-Day Purchase Prediction
Bang Liu | Hanlin Zhang | Linglong Kong | Di Niu

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Context-aware Distance Measures for Dynamic Networks
Yiji Zhao | Youfang Lin | Zhihao Wu | Yang Wang | Haomin Wen

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How Do Home Computer Users Browse the Web?
Kyle Crichton | Nicolas Christin | Lorrie Faith Cranor

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A Large-scale Empirical Analysis of Browser Fingerprints Properties for Web Authentication
Nampoina Andriamilanto | Tristan Allard | Gaëtan Le Guelvouit | Alexandre Garel

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On the Aggression Diffusion Modeling and Minimization in Twitter
Marinos Poiitis | Athena Vakali | Nicolas Kourtellis