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2022 Volume 16 Issue 4

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Optimisation Techniques for Flexible SPARQL Queries
Riccardo Frosini | Alexandra Poulovassilis | Peter T. Wood | Andrea Calì

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JSAnalyzer: A Web Developer Tool for Simplifying Mobile Web Pages through Non-critical JavaScript Elimination
Moumena Chaqfeh | Russell Coke | Jacinta Hu | Waleed Hashmi | Lakshmi Subramanian | Talal Rahwan | Yasir Zaki

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Spotting Flares: The Vital Signs of the Viral Spread of Tweets Made During Communal Incidents
Apoorva Upadhyaya | Joydeep Chandra

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Double Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Sequential Recommendation
Qi Chen | Guohui Li | Quan Zhou | Si Shi | Deqing Zou

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BanditProp: Bandit Selection of Review Properties for Effective Recommendation
Xi Wang | Iadh Ounis | Craig Macdonald

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Mutexion: Mutually Exclusive Compression System for Mitigating Compression Side-Channel Attacks
Taegeun Moon | Hyoungshick Kim | Sangwon Hyun