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2022 Volume 25 Issue 6

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Editorial for the the special issue of WWW journal on Computational Aspects of Network Science (CAoNS)
Apostolos N. Papadopoulos | Richard Chbeir | Jan Platos | Václav Snásel

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CSR: A community based spreaders ranking algorithm for influence maximization in social networks
Sanjay Kumar | Aaryan Gupta | Inder Khatri

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Mohsen Fazaeli | Saeedeh Momtazi

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LEOnto^: a scalable ontology enrichment approach
Salma Sassi | Anis Tissaoui | Richard Chbeir

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Graph embeddings in criminal investigation: towards combining precision, generalization and transparency
Valerio Bellandi | Paolo Ceravolo | Samira Maghool | Stefano Siccardi

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Event prediction from news text using subgraph embedding and graph sequence mining
Recep Firat Cekinel | Pinar Karagoz

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TG-OUT: temporal outlier patterns detection in Twitter attribute induced graphs
Ilias Dimitriadis | Marinos Poiitis | Christos Faloutsos | Athena Vakali

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Maximal paths recipe for constructing Web user sessions
Murat Ali Bayir | Ismail Hakki Toroslu

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Link prediction in complex networks using node centrality and light gradient boosting machine
Sanjay Kumar | Abhishek Mallik | B. S. Panda

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Foreseeing private car transfer between urban regions with multiple graph-based generative adversarial networks
Chenxi Liu | Zhu Xiao | Dong Wang | Minhao Cheng | Hongyang Chen | Jiawei Cai

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Efficient information diffusion in time-varying graphs through deep reinforcement learning
Matheus R. F. Mendonça | André da Motta Salles Barreto | Artur Ziviani