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2023 Volume 74 Issue 1

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Feedback beyond accuracy: Using eye-tracking to detect comprehensibility and interest during reading
Frans van der Sluis | Egon L. van den Broek

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Lost at starting line: Predicting maladaptation of university freshmen based on educational big data
Teng Guo | Xiaomei Bai | Shihao Zhen | Shagufta Abid | Feng Xia

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From participation roles to socio-emotional information roles: Insights from the closure of an online community
Stan Karanasios | Aljona Zorina

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Do funding sources complement or substitute? Examining the impact of cancer research publications
Daniele Rotolo | Michael M. Hopkins | Nicola Grassano

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What scholars and IRBs talk when they talk about the Belmont principles in crowd work-based research
Huichuan Xia

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Using data citation to define a knowledge domain: A case study of the Add-Health dataset
Wei-Min Fan | Wei Jeng | Muh-Chyun Tang

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Bias against scientific novelty: A prepublication perspective
Zhentao Liang | Jin Mao | Gang Li

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Multidimensional scholarly citations: Characterizing and understanding scholars' citation behaviors
Yunxue Cui | Yongzhen Wang | Xiaozhong Liu | Xianwen Wang | Xuhong Zhang

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Syllabic quantity patterns as rhythmic features for Latin authorship attribution
Silvia Corbara | Alejandro Moreo | Fabrizio Sebastiani

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