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2023 Volume 74 Issue 2

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Veni, vidi, vici? On the rise of scrape-and-report scholarship in online reviews research
Philip Fei Wu

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Quantifying scientific breakthroughs by a novel disruption indicator based on knowledge entities
Shiyun Wang | Yaxue Ma | Jin Mao | Yun Bai | Zhentao Liang | Gang Li

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LAGOS-AND: A large gold standard dataset for scholarly author name disambiguation
Li Zhang | Wei Lu | Jinqing Yang

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The structure and priorities of researchers' scholarly profile maintenance activities: A case of institutional research information management system
Dong Joon Lee | Besiki Stvilia | Seungyeon Ha | Douglas C. Hahn

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The National Library of Medicine indexer assignment dataset: A new large-scale dataset for reviewer assignment research
Alastair R. Rae | James G. Mork | Dina Demner-Fushman

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Gender and country biases in Wikipedia citations to scholarly publications
Xiang Zheng | Jiajing Chen | Erjia Yan | Chaoqun Ni

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Structured abstract summarization of scientific articles: Summarization using full-text section information
Hanseok Oh | Seojin Nam | Yongjun Zhu

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Relatedness and compatibility: The concept of privacy in Mandarin Chinese and American English corpora
Yuanye Ma

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Information, platformized
Lai Ma

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A lightweight semantic-enhanced interactive network for efficient short-text matching
Chuanming Yu | Haodong Xue | Lu An | Gang Li

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