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2023 Volume 74 Issue 3

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Artificial intelligence in the work context
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi | Christoph Lutz | Karen Boyd | Carsten S. Østerlund | Matthew Willis

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Locating the work of artificial intelligence ethics
Stephen C. Slota | Kenneth R. Fleischmann | Sherri R. Greenberg | Nitin Verma | Brenna Cummings | Lan Li | Chris Shenefiel

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Subgroup formation in human-robot teams: A multi-study mixed-method approach with implications for theory and practice
Sangseok You | Lionel P. Robert

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Artificial intelligence changes the way we work: A close look at innovating with chatbots
Xuequn Wang | Xiaolin Lin | Bin Shao

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At the crossroads of logics: Automating newswork with artificial intelligence - (Re)defining journalistic logics from the perspective of technologists
Stefanie Sirén-Heikel | Martin Kjellman | Carl-Gustav Linden

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How artificial intelligence might change academic library work: Applying the competencies literature and the theory of the professions
Andrew Cox

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